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The ladies meet on the fourth Friday of each month from October to June. This year's programme is below


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Each year the ladies hold a special project to help others. Last year, the project has been Medical Missionary News. This year, the project will be Help for Romania

Dates of Ladies' evenings for 2017

27 January Jill Price Disabled Christan Fellowship
24 February Jim Cole Missionary Aviation Fellowship
24 March Sally Rees Music and testimony
28 April Paul Chillington Morriston Hospital Chaplaincy
26 May Julie Perrins Transition
23 June
Pat Thomas

All the above start at 7:30 p.m.

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This year the ladies have been sending donations to The Joseph Storehouse. As a multi-faceted work, The Joseph Storehouse freely provides aid to the poor and needy people, both Jewish and Arab, living in the nation of Israel today. Many of them are struggling as orphans and widows, homeless and handicapped, senior citizens and geriatric patients as well as new immigrants and finally, victims of terrorism and their families.

Some of the items the ladies have donated to the charity